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> Shalom and hello, I am new to this site and although I have taught myself
> to read hebrew I have had absolutely no professional tuition.  I have for
> about two years longed for a discussion group or whatever but it is nigh
> impossible here in Holland.
> To begin with I have many questions - but will not burden you all at once.
> The word translated in Hoshea 13:14 as PLAGUES is (according to shoshan's
> concordance) translated this way only once. Why is dvar'cha so used?

There are two homonyms (pointing aside):  one meaning word, matter, etc. and 
the other meaning pestilence.  You will find that D.eBeR which means 
"pestilence" is used much more frequently than once.  See Ex 5.2, 9.15; Num 
14.32; Dt 28.21; 2 Sam 24.13,15; 1 Kg 8. 37; Hos 13.14; Am 4.10.  There are 
others--mostly parallels to certain passages.

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