..."alive" after death in the HB?

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 Thank you, Rolf!

 I would note that LFQaX in Genesis 5:25 is the same verb as in Psalm 73:24,
 "afterwards receive me to Glory".

 In addressing this question, I wanted to let the HB speak for itself,
 rather than follow New Testament interpretations.

 Elijah also appeared on the Mount of Transfiguration, not with Enoch,
 but with Moses: about whom there is an Assumption legend. But let's not go
 there. Elijah's disciples did not believe Elisha's account of his master's
 ascent into heaven; that's why they went out looking for him (or his body).

 As for Elijah's letter in 2 Chronicles 21:12ff, the usual scholarly
 explanation is that the scribe confused Elisha with Elijah. I've done that
 myself!  Matthew confused Jeremiah and Zechariah, after all (Matthew 27:9).

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