Fw: RE: "Non-Academic" Original Languages?

S. L. lyosovs at cityline.ru
Thu Dec 19 02:38:43 EST 2002

>  Peter, re: "misleading"  we are not speaking of moral virtues, but of
>pedagogical approaches. I was far from trying to cast suspicion on  Randall
>Buth who is surely a devoted and gifted scholar (I have seen his
>contributions on BH syntax and his  PhD thesis on Old Aramaic). But BH
>verbal system and syntax are poorly understood. You cannot teach "to speak"
>BH in the sense you can teach people to speak Standard (Literary) Arabic
>along with  spoken Arabic dialects. This speaking of "speaking" is just a
>didactic device, and as such I believe it is misleading given the nature of
>the sources.
>  Serge Lyosov
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>Òåìà: [b-hebrew] RE: "Non-Academic" Original Languages?
>>Serge, do you have any evidence for your assertion that Randall Buth is
>>misleading his students? He may not be able to reconstruct biblical
>>Hebrew completely and unambiguously, and I think he admits to using some
>>modern vocabulary. But he is certainly not simply using contemporary
>>syntax, use of tenses etc, he is really trying to use the biblical
>>Peter Kirk
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