Balaams Kittim ships

Michael Banyai Banyai at
Wed Dec 18 16:29:00 EST 2002

Hallo Ian,

please forgive me, but even a poor surmenated scholar has the right to sleep. If I should answer all your points, I would have not only to go to bed as late as 1 o´clock in the night (like regularly during the past week) to give up sleeping.

I don´t hope you could ever give some position up, I know you too well in the meanwhile, so please forgive me if I´ll choose today to go timely to bed, and postpone a thorough, answer like you expect from me, for a later day.

Sunday we are leaving for X´mass with the family for a week Oberstdorf (and before we are still very busy). Should you be there to ski we could discuss the problems by a cup of tea, otherwise you should wait till later in the year.

Wish you a merry X´mass and don´t invest too much hope in your case.

All the best,



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