"Non-Academic" Original Languages?

Trevor Peterson 06PETERSON at cua.edu
Tue Dec 17 14:59:28 EST 2002

>===== Original Message From Mark Wessner <mark at wessner.ca> =====
>Hmm ... I see two trains of thought developing regarding the intent of an
>"introductory" Biblical language course:
>1) A clear goal of enabling the students to explore the better language
>tools (commentaries, inter-linears, some lexicons, etc.).

With the caveat that not everyone agrees that all these tools are good to put 
at students' disposal.


>An obviously, one is
>not inherently "better" than the other, as they both use different
>approaches to achieve different goals.

I might disagree with that too :-) I still think that it's better to learn the 
languages if at all possible.

Trevor Peterson

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