"Non-Academic" Original Languages?

Trevor Peterson 06PETERSON at cua.edu
Tue Dec 17 11:47:09 EST 2002

>===== Original Message From Mark Wessner <mark at wessner.ca> =====
>I guess my intent for a pre-introductory course in the languages is to help
>the participants discover the excitement and relevance of the languages
>without scaring them off.  Maybe something that is similar to the
>exegetical insights at the beginning of each chapter of Mounce? (just
>thinking out loud).  Then, once they see it as fun and/or interesting, the
>next step would be a more traditional approach like the way most of us have
>learned (or taught).  Perhaps I am just naive about this approach ...

I guess I would want to see it treated very distinctly from any notion of 
teaching language. In other words, I wouldn't want students to have any 
possible misconception about what the course will do for them. My goals would 
be that they have a chance to see what is possible for those willing to put 
the time into learning the language and that they learn a few basics (like how 
to sound out words written in the appropriate scripts) and what use such 
basics are to them at their present stage. I would probably stress how they 
can read commentaries and Bible dictionaries more intelligently and maybe 
introduce a few other tools, but keep them as far away from pretending to read 
the text as possible.

But that's me :-)

Trevor Peterson

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