"Non-Academic" Original Languages?

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In a non-academic way which stresses more utilization than memorization,
I have taught both Hebrew and Greek using the 2 following tools:

1. An Interlinear Hebrew-English or Interlinear Greek-English Text

2. An Analytical Hebrew or Analytical Greek Lexicon

This save students from 80% of the formal academic memorization and gets
immediately working with the Hebrew and Greek texts. It enables them to at
memorize the Hebrew and Greek Alphabets and to understand
grammatical classifications of words so that they can understand the word
breakdowns in the 
Analytical Lexicons.

No paradigm memorization is required.
No vocabulary memorization is required.

The object is to have them lean heavily on these tools
to plunge them immediately into the Hebrew and Greek texts.

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Hi Everybody,

If you have taught Biblical Hebrew / Greek in a non-academic setting (eg. 
church, neighbourhood group, etc), what text(s) have you used, or have you 
had to create your own material?  I would like to offer a Biblical language 
course that is not "pre-seminary", but instead raises the original language 
awareness of the participants (why the languages are important, how to use 
the better lexicons and commentaries, issues in translation, etc).  Have 
any of you had a chance to review Zondervan's soon-to-be-published "Greek 
for the Rest of Us"? (Looks good on Greek, but short on Hebrew).


Mark Wessner
mark at wessner.ca

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Faith

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