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Ian, are you an expert on fauna now? I don't claim to be. And I am
rather sceptical of your claim that the climate was different then, I
understood that the last major climate change in the region was before
8000 BCE. But it didn't require a climate change for elephants, lions
and apes to live in Mesopotamia or wherever. These animals were at home
and common in these regions until they were hunted to extinction. The
Hebrew Bible demonstrates this well with its frequent mention of lions
in the land.

I don't have time to interact with the rest of this.

Peter Kirk
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> Firstly, understand that this is ABK's scribes
> copy-catting TP1. Note ARI 2, TP1 doc 4, para 95,
> "I received tribute from the lands Byblos, Sidon,
> Arvad. I received a crocodile, a large female ape
> of the sea coast." Note the female ape? Note the
> context?
> Don't be an expert on fauna when you don't know
> enough about it. Realise that the climate was
> different at the time. Tuthmoses III hunted
> elephants at Niya, TP1 (ARI 2, para44) did the
> same in Harran and killed lions in the following
> paragraph. The Phoenicians had the ape. How they
> got it is irrelevant. Your conclusions are
> unfounded.
> The king of Egypt is said to have sent the ape
> to ABK. There is no indication of any conflict
> with or campaign against Egypt. The sending has
> the appearance of a gift. You invent the conflict
> with Egypt.

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