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Try the Oxford Text Archive. The following is from a file which was at as part of the SIL Hebrew Font System (I downloaded it in
2000 - not sure if it is still there). But no guarantee that this
information is still accurate:

You can download a copy of the BHS in Michigan-Claremont encoding from
the Oxford Text Archive at the following website:
Go the website above.
Type the word "Biblia" in the Quick Search box and click FIND.
Look for the item which says:
Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia : (Michigan-Claremont text) / compiled by
Richard Whitaker and H. Van Dyke Parunak ; and revised by the Computer
Assisted Tools for Septuagint Studies project under Emanuel Tov and
Robert A. Kraft
The size is 3.2 MB (1.2 MB zipped). To download, click the underlined
text which says "Get this text".
Then click "gzip" under the "ASCII" selection to download the Winzip
file. You will need a utility like WinZipC (PC) or Stuffit ExpanderC
(Mac) to decompress the file. You may wish to select a section of text
you wish to work with, for example, the book of Genesis, and copy it to
another working file, such as genesis.ota.
The Oxford text has no verse numbers...

There are instructions and conversion tables given for adding verse
numbers and converting to other formats.

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> Where can I obtain the Michigan-Claremont-Winchester Tanach as data
> for processing?  Looking for something inexpensive.
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