"accordance" software on a network of PC's???

Søren Holst sh at teol.ku.dk
Wed Dec 11 05:05:50 EST 2002

Apologies if this is slightly off-topic (and cross-posted, at that):

I posted this question to the Accordance-users e-mail list after searching
the archives of that list in vain, but got no answer. Possibly somebody on
ANE or b-hebrew has the answer, but is not on the other list. So ...:

Does anyone have experience of problems (or even better: experience of NO
problems) running Accordance on a network of PC's, using the torahresource
emulator? We're considering doing just that here in Copenhagen.

I get the impression, PC users are queing up to testify to the merits of the
emulator, but using it on a multiple-user faculty network might present
unexpected catches?

thanks in advance

Soren Holst
University of Copenhagen, DK

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