English Translation of Rabbinic Literature

Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at iol.ie
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At 15:10 06/12/2002, Kirk Lowery wrote:

>What about Jacob Neusner's translations? They're not electronic of course, 

Neusner's " The Mishnah: A New Translation " Yale 1988 is now available in 
e-form as a Logos book.
See http://www.logos.com/ebooks/book.asp?iname=MISHNAH

In his preface, N. states: >> The purpose of this translation is to present 
the Mishnah in as close to a literal rendition of the Hebrew as is possible 
in American English. In this way the formal patterns and formalized 
character of the original language will become accessible. Thus the 
contents of the Mishnah will be available in a rendition close to the way 
in which, in Hebrew, they are expressed. Since most of the Mishnah is 
expressed in highly patterned and formalized language, this fresh 
translation will make possible an understanding of the forms and formal 
character of the first document of Rabbinic Judaism. <<


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