English Translation of Rabbinic Literature

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Tue Dec 3 23:55:30 EST 2002

Does anyone know of freely accessible web sites that one can use to read
literature such as the tractates of Mishnah or Talmud, in English.  For
example, how would one find an English version online of Yebamot or

Thank you,
Dale Noonan

  Arutz 7, November 27


For the first time, the entire Babylonian Talmud appears on the 
internet - in the original Vilna edition format.  Rabbi Dovid Kraus 
and Josh Itzkowitz of Hillside, New Jersey created and executed the 
idea over an eight-month period, scanning each of the more than 5,400 
pages of the Talmud into .gif files and uploading them onto the 
internet (e-daf.com).  Rabbi Kraus informed Arutz-7 that when he 
realized that the Talmud's text was available on the internet, but 
not in the format to which most Talmud students are accustomed, he 
decided to make his contribution:  "Josh Itzkowitz then took upon 
himself this labor of love, and his merits are being racked up by the 
minute, as E-Daf is being used all the time, from all over the 
world...  The first time I viewed the list of all the far-off places 
where people were signing on from, I cried with tears of happiness." 
The site is also accessible from <http://www.dafyomi.org/>, which 
contains a collection of resources for learning the Daf Yomi, the 
daily page of Talmud studied worldwide.

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