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Bill Ross
 > But, it gets worse, because even Tanach only refers to the books up to 2 
Chronicles, no?

Tanach (Torah, Law, Prophets) is the same books as the "Protestant canon", 
although in different
order in the printed Scriptures ... the Protestant canon matches up with 
that of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Josephus, confirmed as the historical 
Inspired canon...

>The first thing I do with my students is to teach them the difference 
>between the OT and the HB.
>I tell them the OT is the LXX! (Not one of them has ever argued with me 
>about it!) :)


As with some others here, my preference is Tanach..
(and Hebrew Scripture, Hebrew Bible, is good too, though it leaves out the 
OT is really better avoided, if I use it for brevity I use it in quotes :-)

However.... I would definitely "argue" with that identification of OT and 

Please be aware that many/most protestants/baptists etc do NOT use the 
socalled LXX (which is really largely simply 350AD+ codex 
sinaticus/vaticanus christian alexandrian ultra-dubious manuscripts)

e.g. the KJB accepts the Masoretic Text, (and its canon), as the base 
underlying text...
and the socalled LXX has mimimal significance...

The apocrypha in the socalled "LXX" manuscripts is not considered as 
Scripture (exceptions are
mainly rcc and Greek Orthodox Church, not protestants/baptists)

And the readings of those manuscripts are simply generally not used in 
Tanach, the
Masoretic Text is the primary reference, with other texts only consulted on 
nuancical and
difficult readings in the MT....

This of course changed to some degree with the "modern versions", in which 
the textual
critics brought the alexandrian manuscripts into prominence.... even so 
that has affected
the Messianic Testament much more than Tanach .... and most "Prot" bibles 
bypass the sinaticus/vaticanus apoc...


Steven Avery
Bayside, NY

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