Understanding the Word of G-d

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> >In Exodus 3:14

D. Volgger, "Wer bib ich? Oder noch einmal zu Ex 3,14!", Liber 
Annuus  XLIX, 1999 , 9-36.
(Abstract, 467):        "This article proposes the following interpretation 
of Ex. 3,14: "God said to Moses: I shall be who shall be. He said: Thus you 
say to the sons of Israel: I shall be in so far as he has sent me to you." 
In favor of this interpretation the author examines the context of Ex. 
3,14, the story of Moses' vocation, and the structure of the speech 
situation and the dynamics of the usage of the divine names in Ex. 
3,1-4,12. In a final paragraph the universal significance of Moses' 
vocation is outlined".

now online !  :-)


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