BH metrics, draft 4, online

Vincent DeCaen decaen at
Tue Apr 30 10:55:51 EDT 2002

dear friends,

re: BH meter paper:

i put in a couple of late nights to get a real draft together: so be kind. 
working fulltime really cramps the writing process. <sigh>  the full 
apparatus of complete bibliography and footnotes is still lacking.

the draft 4, "Head-Dependent Asymmetry and Generative Metrics for Biblical 
Hebrew" is available for downloading at

the paper is obviously technical, but the general thrust should be clear. 
i invite any feedback that i could use in a rewrite. this draft is for 
linguists (hence the IPA for the hebrew challenged), but i would like to 
rewrite a version for biblicists (linguistically challenged?).

please let me immediately if there are problems obtaining the draft.
V -- 
Vincent DeCaen, Ph.D. <decaen at>
University of Toronto

Hebrew Syntax Encoding Initiative (HSEI)
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