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Memra is Aramaic for "word, saying". It occurs nowhere in the Tanakh, 328
times in the Babylonian Talmud, once (!) in the Palestinian Talmud and 56
times in the Aggadic literature, at times as a noun, and at times as an
element in the infinitive lemeymra'.(I only looked up the orthography
It's a cognate of Hebrew ma'amar (<'mar), and is sometimes its semantic
equivalent in Mishnaic Hebrew.
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> Hi. Just a quick question.
> I've been reading A. Edersheim lately and he refers,
> in a discussion of the hypostasation of the 'Word',
> 'Logos' of God, to 'Memra'.
> Can someone please enlighten me as to the meaning of
> this word? I can't find an appropriate hebrew match
> and am starting to feel it may be an LXX term.
> Apparently it is also mentioned in the targums
> Onkelos, Jerusalem and Pseudo Jonathan, but I haven't
> got the material to look through for these.
> I'm sure it's a simple question.
> Look forward to your help.
> Ian.
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