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It is aramaic I've read.
I guess it is )MR with a preformativ MeM, and a final He (fem Iguess) making
it a noun, "word".


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> Ämne: 'Memra'?
> Hi. Just a quick question.
> I've been reading A. Edersheim lately and he refers,
> in a discussion of the hypostasation of the 'Word',
> 'Logos' of God, to 'Memra'.
> Can someone please enlighten me as to the meaning of
> this word? I can't find an appropriate hebrew match
> and am starting to feel it may be an LXX term.
> Apparently it is also mentioned in the targums
> Onkelos, Jerusalem and Pseudo Jonathan, but I haven't
> got the material to look through for these.
> I'm sure it's a simple question.
> Look forward to your help.
> Ian.
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