Psalm 98:7 "Let the sea roar"

Bill Ross BillRoss at
Mon Apr 29 15:26:45 EDT 2002

JPS has: " Let the sea and all within it thunder "
Grail: "        "Let the sea and all within it, thunder"
Mesorah:        " The sea and its fullness will roar "

Thank you Maurice. I was aware that the "roar" had associations with
thunder. Is the "let" any different here than the other phrases? In the
other phrases we see an admonition to praise God. Is the sea also
receiving an imperative? Or might it be something like:

"let what troubles come what may..."

I understand Hebrew has "Piel" and such to denote this kind of thing,
but I can't read Hebrew. Is there any difference in the structure of the


Bill Ross

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