Psalm 98:7 "Let the sea roar"

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At 14:15 27/04/02, Bill Ross wrote:

>Psalms 98:7  Let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof; the world, and
>they that dwell therein.
>It seems that this verse is couched in a very positive segment. My
>question then is, is there anything in the Hebrew here to indicate that
>this "roaring" is a positive or a negative thing? I mean, can it mean to
>roar in anguish rather than pleasure?

I think you are relying too much on the syntax of one English translation.
Contrast these translations:
The JPS has: " Let the sea and all within it thunder "
Grail: "        "Let the sea and all within it, thunder"
Mesorah:        " The sea and its fullness will roar "

Exactly the same phrase in Hebrew appears in Ps. 96:11 where the Mesorah 
translation notes, quoting Radak, that _its fullness_ refers to the fish 
which fill the sea; they, too, will sing God's praises -- "for the 
universal abundance and peace which will envelop the earth in the Messianic 
era ".


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