Participant Reference in Zech 11

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> M.C. Love*, in a "monograph" on Zech 1-8, discusses the problem of
> participant reference in the first eight chapters of the book.
> I have been working for several weeks in Zech 11, the shepherd section and
> so forth. I have discovered the same difficulties that Love speaks of in
> first part of the book, that is difficulties identifying who is speaking
> acting. I am wondering if ambiguous participant reference is some sort of
> literary feature of Hebrew prophecy that I have previously overlooked.
> This is in some sense a language question, since participant reference is
> feature of the language, but it is also a question about discourse
> All comments are welcome.
> Thanks,
> Clay
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> *Love, Mark Cameron. Title The evasive text : Zechariah 1-8 and the
> frustrated reader / Mark Cameron Love. Pub info Sheffield, Eng. :
> Academic Press, c1999.
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