Participant Reference in Zech 11

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Thu Apr 25 22:12:33 EDT 2002

on 4/25/02 4:09 PM, Peter Kirk wrote:

> Clay, are you aware of the following? I don't know if he deals with your
> specific issues, but he does look at some participant reference
> problems.
> "Discourse-Driven Exegesis: Zechariah 11.4-17" by David J. Clark, The
> Bible Translator, vol.50 no.3, July 1999, pp.323-339.


Thank you. These look like excellent sources. I will get the ILL folks at my
library working on these titles.

BTW, I didn't know that Zechariah was given high enough priority among bible
translators to warrant articles being written on it.

Thanks again,


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