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Maurice A. O'Sullivan mauros at
Sun Apr 21 18:11:19 EDT 2002

At 15:50 21/04/02, Jonathan D. Safren wrote:

>My Computerized Torah Library CD-ROM (HaSifriyah HaToranit HaMemux$evet), 
>STaM 2) won't work on my computer's Windows XP operating system. Windows 
>Support knows nothing about it.
>The company that produced it is now defunct, so upgrading is out of the 
>question. Any replacement program costs skyhigh.
>Does anyone know how I can solve this problem?

One solution is to buy a program called Partition Magic, which comes with 
an adjunct program BootMagic.
Partition Magic will allow you to set up a partition on which you load 
whichever version of Windows ran your CD originally, and BootMagic will 
allow you to choose which system to boot from.

AFAIK, v.7 of Partition Magic is still the current one, and will work with 
Windows XP.
Partition Magic is an excellent program, with a good manual, but if you 
haven't used it before, take plenty of time to read and digest the manual 
before actually running the program.

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