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Sun Apr 21 13:41:53 EDT 2002

Don't count your chickens! Symantec lists 61 Macintosh viruses,
including nVIR, They
are less common than Windows one simply because Macs are less common.
There are also some cross-platform viruses which can affect any system.
You need proper, updated virus protection on ANY platform.

Peter Kirk

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> Peter Kirk at SIL writes:
> >>There is new virus going round, code name W32.Klez.H at mm. This could
be a
> symptom of it. So don't open the attachment.<<
> Unlike 95% of virus warnings that come through lists, this actually IS
> virus, or rather a worm. Read about it at Symantec's site
> Fortunately, it only affects Windows - happiness is a Mac with no
> Billware!
> Bob Richmond
> Knoxville TN

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