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dear michael,

maybe i can get to your site in a day or so: thanks for the tip.

re: larsson:  in Vetus Testamentum, 52.1 (2002): 130-131, responds to a 
Short Note by Albert Friedberg, VT 50.4 (2001): 561-565, on the dating of 
the composition of Esther (a paper i edited and researched). Larsson makes 
reference to the secret system of chronology:

Larsson, Gerhard. 2000. SCOT 14: 207-218
referring back to: 1973. The Secret System: A Study in the Chronology of 
the Old Testament (Brill).
referring back to: Stenring, Knut. 1952. The Enclosed Garden: Key to 
Biblical Chronology. Stockholm (self-published pamphlet).

the conclusion is that the major composition of the bible must be ca. 235 
BCE.  (boy, is that radical.)

good luck.
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