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Tue Apr 16 00:20:17 EDT 2002

>At the moment there is a documentary on Italian television
>which features the Vatican Padre David Maria Jaeger, the
>Vatican spokesperson for the Holy Land, who has explained
>that the Franciscans at Bethlehem, amongst whom is Alviero
>Niccacci, have been denied water and food and electricity.
>Jaeger, who was refused access to Bethlehem, but spoke to
>people there by phone was extremely disturbed by the state
>of his students and colleagues at Bethlehem.
>(I post this not for any political purpose, but to give
>information about one of the list's members.)

Thanks, Ian, for caring to inform about this. Yes, the situation is 
so tragic that any dispute on responsibilities appears irrelevant. 
However, I can assure you and the list members that I live safe in 
Jerusalem, Old City, thank God. However, about 30 of my fellow 
Friars, together with some Nuns and other Christian Monks, are 
enclosed in Bethlehem in the conditions described above. May God help 
both Israelis and Palestinians come out of the impassse, seen that 
diplomacy is helpless.
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