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Keith Saare KSaare at
Sat Apr 13 15:51:41 EDT 2002

Shalom to all. I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself as I
have just joined this site.

I am pretty new to the study of biblical Hebrew. Currently I am working my
way through Weingreen's excellent grammar and taking lessons from Al
Murillo whom some of you may know from a biblical Hebrew mailing list.

I've studied plenty of biblical Greek in college but I am finding that I
have a greater fascination for learning Hebrew and loving the Jewish
culture. Thus, I look forward to learning from all of the bright minds who
contribute to this website.

I do have one question that I would like some feedback for. I currently
use the Gesinius, Weingreen, and Mansoor (Vol. 1) grammars to study
through. What are your opinions regarding these grammars and what would
you recommend for a beginner like me? Thanks for your input.

-Keith Saare

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