Psalm 73:1

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I believe the BHS addresses this as ""It has been proposed"  this indicates that there
is no textual support in any known text.  The nature of the reading is such that who
ever was the author of this "proposed" reading felt that if indeed this reading was
"original" in a early manuscript the scribe must have made an error in word division
here.  Also since the reading is not reflected in the translation of the LXX or some
other early Vorlage this error (if it is an error) must have taken place in an earlier
copy of the text than we have extant today.

This is just my thought here.  Also the "proposed" reading seems to solve the unclear
nature of the current reading, and the resulting idea is indeed parallel to the idea
which follows in the text that this may be a sound "proposed" reading.  You are correct
if the reading is correct "the righteous" and "God" do present two separate words.

I just suggested this BHS note because Bill Ross' original question dealt with the fact
that the passage was difficult with the current reading in the Hebrew text ...


Bill Burks

Ian Hutchesson wrote:

> ><Peter>
> >>>"Surely good to [the] upright [is] El,
> >Elohim to [the] clean-ones [of] heart".
> >
> ><Bill>
> >How strained is that reading? Is it "very comfortable?"
> >
> >Doesn't Elohim appear at the beginning of the sentence as well?:
> >
> >ie: "Surely Elohim is good to [the] upright of El,
> >Elohim to [the] clean-ones [of] heart".
> A reading in the footnotes of BHS Psalms for 73:1 has a space
> in the word
> ly$r'l ("to Israel")
> thus:
> ly$r ("to the upright") 'l ("God")
> In context, if the separation is not just a scribal error
> (both LXX and Vulgate give Israel, and there is no exemplar
> of the psalm in the DSS), the separation changes the whole
> structure of the verse.
> It should be noted that the subject is delayed in the verse,
> which starts (after saying that it is a psalm of Asaph)
> Surely good to 1) the upright [is] El, Elohim  to the
>                2) Israel         [is]  Elohim, to the
>   clean ones of heart.
> A space seems to make a lot of difference here!?
> Ian
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