Noun Repetition.

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> Ian,
> This is not noun repetition, but the use of an Infinitive Absolute preceding
> the finite verbal form.  The construction taken together indicates intensity
> of the verbal action, something like, "He [YHWH, to whom the song is
> addressed or dedicated] has triumphed magnificently/gloriously/totally."
> Shalom,
> Charles

Charles is (of course) correct and just to add that it is a fairly frequent
occurrence. Other examples include Lam. 1.2; Gen. 37.33, Num. 15.35, etc.
See Waltke & O'Connor, pp. 580ff. (Can you tell I have worked a bit on this
one? ;-)
Cbrady @
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they do not understand, but the passages that bother
me are those I do understand." - Mark Twain
>> Hi All.
>> In the song of Moses; Ex 15:1, we have a repetition of
>> 'gah'(sorry I've not got the translation key to hand).
>> This is rendered in the KJV as triumphed gloriously,
>> or something similar.
>> It seems to be an emphasis of the noun 'exalted/lifted
>> up etc'.
>> Could this be rendered then as 'is greatly exalted'?
>> More to the point if this repetition of the noun is
>> common place, what other uses has it? Or is it purely
>> for emphasis? Does doubling the word give it any other
>> function?
>> Look forward to your learned comments.
>> Thanks.

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