Proverbs 11.14

Scott Ogden oakvalleylodge at
Thu Apr 11 17:53:18 EDT 2002

Could someone help me with a grammatical/translation question?  Most
translations of Prov 11.14 say that "in a multitude of counsellors there
is safety" or the like.  However, recently I came across two versions that
translate it in the singular.  One says "safety lieth in the greatness of
the counsellor."  The other says "in a great counsellor there is safety."

I would appreciate any comments on how, grammatically, BRB YW(C may/should
be understood.  Is the singular rendering legitimate?  And how, then, does
RB relate to YW(C ?  Does the translation "the greatness of the
counsellor" best represent the singular interpretation? (The limited
Hebrew references at my disposal have not been helpful in this regard.)

Thank you !

Scott Ogden 
oakvalleylodge at 

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