Psalm 73:1

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Thu Apr 11 21:04:40 EDT 2002

Ok I made a mistake ... I just left my computer for a moment and realized the the "It has
been proposed" should have been translated "to the straight one of God" ... sorry for any

Bill Burks

Bill Burks wrote:

> George and Bill,
> I first want to say that I agree completely with the comments on the translation by
> George:
> He wrote:
> > )aK +oWB L:Yi&:Rf)"L ):eLoHiYM
> > L:BfR"Y L"BfB
> >
> > As literalistic as I can make it the passage goes
> >
> > Surely good to Israel [is] God
> > to pure ones of heart.
> >
> And I also find agreement on his comments concerning parallel ideas in Hebrew.  There
> are a couple of things I would note here.  If I am reading my BHS codes correctly the
> word  concerning the word L:Yi&Rf)"l  "It has been proposed" (prp) lay.f$fr   )l which
> would render this word for Israel as "to the straight (one)".  If this reading were
> correct and the phrase "to the straight one" were to be put into the translation
> provided by George it would read:
> Surely good to *the straight one" [is] God
> to pure ones of heart.
> Also I would note that verse 2 also seems to be a contrasting parrallel to the
> information in verse 1.  The second passage goes like this ( I am using the
> rosetta.atla-centr Transliteration Codes for this if not the correct set of
> transliteration codes for the list ... please help me pick the correct ones):
> wa)Aniy    nf+Uy  rag:lfy   k.:)ayin   $up.:kah   )A$urfy
> but I like (an) insignificant (one), my feet have turned aside (qere),
> like nothing foot steps are poured out (both qere and ketib).
> nf+Uy (ketib) qal passive part. masc. singular ... nf+fyU  (qere) qal perfect 3rd pers
> plural  ...
> $up.:kah  (ketib) qal passive perfect 3rd person feminine singular ... $up.:ku.
> The above qere seem to  function .... the first is to correct number and gender ...
> So it looks as though we may have the following pattern.
> (phrase1+restatement of phrase 1) contrasted to (phrase2+restatement of phrase 2).
> I hope this helps ... I am just learning to use the masorah apparatus and thought I
> would look at this verse for fun.
> Regards,
> Bill Burks
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