Hebrew Syntax.

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Rolf, thank you for rubbishing discourse analysis more thoroughly than
Waltke and O'Connor ever did.


I agree that discourse analysis is not an easy field and there is danger
of subjectivity. But it cannot be ignored. It is well known that in some
languages there are words and morphemes whose functions can be
understood properly only from a level higher than the sentence level,
i.e. they are discourse particles etc. In other languages there are more
complex syntactic features which have similar discourse level functions.


It is the proposal of some scholars of biblical Hebrew that the choice
between verb forms (which is not well understood by traditional methods,
as is shown by the sharp disagreement between yourself and the majority
of scholars including W&O'C concerning WAYYIQTOL) is determined (in
part) by discourse level factors. And there is good evidence for this
hypothesis, although no one would claim that it answers all the
questions. If you disagree with this hypothesis, please give evidence
against it rather than ruling it illegitimate.


Peter Kirk


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Dear Peter (and Rodney),




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