Discourse analysis

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Lawrence May wrote: "How is 'Discourse Analysis' different from an
interpretation based on context?"

Because it is not just the semantic context, which is what most people
think of as context, but also the "formal" context -- that is, the verb
forms and sentence structure in the context.

E.g., one or more X-QATAL clauses before a string of WAYYIQTOL clauses
would probably indicate recovered information (Gen 39:1) or staging
(45:16).  But X-QATAL in the midst of a series of WAYYIQTOL clauses might
be comparison/contrast (Gen 45:22-23) or it may indicate that the peak of
the episode is near (43:15 or 44:3-4 or 45:1b, 3b).  And X-QATAL at the end
of a series of WAYYIQTOL clauses sometimes indicates closure (Gen 46:7),
especially if it is followed by an aperture for the next episode (Gen

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