New Book: Write's Lectures on Semitic Languages

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The following book came out of the press today:
Wright, W. Lectures on the Comparative Grammar of the Semitic Languages
ISBN: 1-931956-12-X
Price: $29.95
Subtitle: With a New Introduction by Patrick Bennett
Series: Gorgias Reprints 28
Format: Paperback
Size (in): 6 x 9
Pages: [v] + xi + 288
Publication Year: 2002 (reprint of the 1890 ed.)

These Lectures were written for students of the University of Cambridge
towards the end of the nineteenth century by the eminent Semitist William
Wright. The Lectures are full of valuable and accurate data drawn from a
variety of Semitic languages. While more recent studies on the Comparative
linguistics of Semitic have appeared, Wright's Lectures remain a classic
in the field.

"As Santayana said, those who cannot remember the past are condemned to
repeat it. One of my greatest pleasures teaching diachronic linguistics is
showing how often our latest discoveries prove to have been published a
century ago. We reinvent the wheel at regular intervals - and in most
cases never realize it. Wright's Lectures are packed not only with data,
but with carefully drawn conclusions. It would behoove us to take these
into account before drawing our own." - Patrick Bennett, from the New

I Introductory Remarks. The Term Semitic. Diffusion and Original Home of
the Semites
II General Survey of the Semitic Languages 
III Semitic Writing 
IV The Letters of the Semitic Alphabet and the Changes They Undergo 
V The Vowels and Their Permutations 
VI The Pronouns 
VII The Noun 
VIII The Verb 
IX The Irregular Verb 
 Additional Notes and Corrections 

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