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Randall Buth ButhFam at
Fri Apr 5 02:33:20 EST 2002

shalom Rodney, 

> Does a weqatal in a string of
>wayyiqtols or a wayyiqtol in a past-tense weqatal sequence present no
>meaningful distinction? 

They absolutely show a distinction. veqatal in a vayyiqtol string is 
the "other" TAM. A vayyiqtol in a veqatal string is the "other" TAM.
both are exactly like a yiqtol (=veqatal)  in qatal (=vayyiqtol) string 
and a qatal (=vayyiqtol) in a yiqtol (=veqatal) string (Yes this happens). 

As for a historic present thesis of vayyiqtol. That's not Hebrew, but 
a dead end alley pursued by robert Young in the 19th century. One 
way to switch to the past in a string of present settings is to use 
vayyiqtol. X+qatal works, too, of course.


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