TOHUW WA BOHUW, Gen & Jer. (hyth)

Glenn Blank glennblank at
Wed Apr 3 11:03:41 EST 2002

>From: "Peter Kirk" <Peter_Kirk at>
>Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 16:51:28 +0100

>The X-QATAL construction implies not consecutiveness
>but a previous state: "The earth had been TOHU..." The verb form is not
>enough to settle this issue decisively, but it is enough to suggest that
>as the more probable interpretation.

Hello, Peter, Lawrence, et al.

When I have seen the proposal Lawrence suggests discussed before, the
seemed to hinge on whether hyth in gen 1.2 is to be interpreted as
"became" or "was."   Is this an issue, and how would it compare with the
copula not being explicit in jer 4.23?  And on what basis could it be
decided whether the copula in gen 1.2 conveys process or state?  The
arguments always
seemed inconclusive to me.

glenn blank
Pensacola FL

>From: Lawrence May <lgmay at>
>Date: Tue, 02 Apr 2002 15:11:33 -0700
>I believe Genesis 1:2 should be compared with Jeremiah 4:23.  These verses
use both the
>words 'tohuw wa bohuw.'  Jeremiah used it to describe the Southern Kingdom
after its
>destruction by the Chaldeans and Israel's enemies. I believe Genesis 1:2
describes the
>Earth after the rebellion of  Lucifer and his followers. What linguistic
analysis is
>there that would deny this interpretation?

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