More Temporal Prepositions

David Stabnow dstabno at
Wed Apr 3 09:01:05 EST 2002

I believe you would find Ronald J. Williams' little reference book /Hebrew
Syntax: An Outline/ very informative.  Sections 262 and 505 explain the
temporal function of K- and give examples.  Sections 241 and 504 do the
same for temporal B-.

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> Hello - I recently asked for references and help regarding the 'B'
> preposition before verbs to indicate 'time when' or something to that
> effect.  Does the preposition 'K' work in the same way?  I am reading
> 31:18, and that preposition seems to precede a Piel Infinitive Construct
> the beginning of the sentence.  It is the first time I have seen this,
> was wondering if anyone had any ideas regarding its precise meaning and
> it differs from the 'B' preposition in similar situations.

> Many thanks!

> Jack Stewart

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