BR)$YT, the continuing saga.

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Mon Apr 1 18:10:31 EST 2002

>Since you quoted Abegg's _The Dead Sea Scrolls Bible_ on the LXX and Genesis, what is the 
>significance of their note that "the precursor to the Septuagint reading of 'gathering' (miqveh) 
>rather than the traditional Hebrew 'place' is found in the Dead Sea Scroll classified as 
>4QGenh1.  In addition, the accomplishment of God's command, again found in the Greek, is evident 
>in 4QGenk."  Is this not some evidence for a "Hebrew Vorlage" for the LXX?

If you look at the other references to 4QGen(k) it is not 
related to LXX. 4QGen(h1) preserves only Gen 1:8-10, so 
there is too little to comment on as a whole. What I was 
talking about was an LXX textual tradition, not individual 

>Incidentally, the _Dead Sea Scrolls Bible_ translates "bereshit" as "In the beginning God 

That's the translators' prerogative, following the 
traditional translations.


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