Psalm 2:12 and Proverbs 31 ben/bar

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GfSomel wrote: "Maintaining the consonantal text is always preferable.  In the oldest 
manuscripts the letters were not always separated (in fact, as I recall, they usually 
	In fact, the epigraphic evidence is consistently against scripto continuo (for a 
well-researched popular discussion, see A. Millard in Bible Review (or BAR) a few 
years ago--I can dig out the bib. ref. if anyone wants it). This seems to raise questions 
about the validity of that step of Prof. Krahmolkov's method. The rest is compelling, 
Liz, and certainly to be preferred to the divisions in BHS, which seem to reflect 
Bardtke's views of Hebrew poetry more than anything else.
	Sorry to be so late chiming on this--our e-mail service and my health have not 
been conducive to quick replies. :-)

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