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David Stabnow dstabno at
Fri Mar 30 10:27:35 EST 2001

On 3/29/01 at 12:00 S. Lyosov wrote:

  I am working on the syntax on BH narrative and dialogue and would be
interested in exchanging claims and bibliographies with anyone interested.

One perspective that I have found helpful is the discourse analysis (or
textlinguistics) of Robert Longacre.  A good initiation to his method as
applied to BH can be found in the work of one of his students: David Alan
Dawson's _Text-Linguistics and Biblical Hebrew_ (JSOT Supplement 177,
1994).  To pursue this same topic further, see _Biblical Hebrew and
Discourse Linguistics_ (edited by Bergen, SIL, 1994), Longacre's _Joseph: A
Story of Divine Providence_ (Eisenbrauns, 1989), and Niccacci's _The Syntax
of the Verb in Classical Hebrew Prose_ (originally in Italian; English is
JSOT Supplement 86, 1990).

My dissertation involved the syntax of narrative and dialogue
(specifically, clauses negated by _L)_ from Genesis through Kings) so I
would be happy to exchange claims with you.

Dave Stabnow

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