perfect vs imperfect

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With Randall's permission, I have sent this article to about a dozen
b-hebrew subscribers who requested it from me off-list. I can still send it
to others on request.

Peter Kirk

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The Hebrew Verb in Current Discussions
Journal of Translation and Textlinguistics Vol 5 No. 2 (1992): 91-105
Randall Buth

I have an electronic version of this article, as a zipped Word document
(also needs fonts SIL Ezra and SIL Heb Trans, available from I
can't put it on a website, but with Randall's permission I can e-mail it on
request (28K, I can try other formats if preferred).

Peter Kirk

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At 22-03-2001 18:26 Randall Buth <ButhFam at> wrote:

> or my hard to get article "Hebrew Verb in Current Discussion" JOTT (SIL
> 1992).


I tried to figure out what the abbreviation might indicate, but your article
is surely hard to get in this way: what does JOTT (SIL 1992) mean?


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