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You should start with a book and two articles by Gary Rendsburg.  [1]
Linguistic Evidence for the Northern Origin of Selected Psalms (Atlanta:
Scholars Press, 1990); [2] "Notes On Israelian Hebrew (I)" in MICHAEL:
Historical, Epigraphical and Biblical Studies in Honor of Prof. Michael
Heltzer (Tel Aviv: Archaeological Center Publications, 1999); [3] "Notes on
Israelian Hebrew (II)," JNSL 26:1, 33-45.
Charles David Isbell
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> Hi.  I was wondering if one of the learned memebers of the
> list could point me to any academic literature that discusses
> the nature of the (pre-exilic) northern Hebrew dialect.
> Work done primarily from inscriptions would be very valuable to me.
> I was planning to apply this to work on Biblical poetry,
> primarily on Ex. 15; if there are any such studies, I would
> appreciate knowing that as well :-)
> Many thanks (in advance).
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