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Leeroy Malachinski Leeroy at cool.dk
Mon Mar 26 18:29:41 EST 2001

Hi all,
Regarding some of the differences between the Koren edition and L I have
now seen a list prepared by Prof. Menachem Cohen of Bar-Ilan University,
listing the differences in Genesis. In it he lists the differences that I
here pass on in case someone should be interested (perhaps someone with a
Koren edition? :).
The list concerns solely consonantal differences:

Gen, 4:13, 8:20 (x2), 9:29, 10:21, 13:8, 14:22, 19:16, 25:1 (as far as I
can tell it should have been 25:3), 27:31, 35:5 (interestingly this is a
case where the BHS's masorah goes against the text), 35:23, 41:35, 45:15,
46:9, 46:12, 46:13, 46:14 (another case of the BHS's masorah going against
the text), 47;24, 49:14 (another case of the BHS's masorah going against
the text).

The Second edition of the Mikraot Gedolot differs from Koren in 15
instances (counting one Ketiv). This would be due to the corrections in
accordance with R. Solomon Norzi as I mentioned in an earlier post.



P. S. Thanks to Harold Scanlin for clarifying BHK.

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