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This is, indeed, helpful information from Leeroy.  I offer one note for

> The Koren edition is based on the second edition of the Mikraot Gedolot
> the Rabbinical Bible edited by the Masoretic scholar Jacob ben Hayim ibn
> Adonijah in Venice 1524. This edition, by the way, later served as the
> basis for the BHK.

BHK is sometimes used as an abbreviation for BHKittel, i.e. the first two
editions of Biblia Hebraica which were based on the Second Rabbinic Bible.

If BHK is understood as BHKahle (= BH3, 1937), Kahle switched to
Leningradensis.  Kahle actually hoped to use Aleppo (whether along with or
instead of L is not clear to me), but he could not obtain access to A.

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