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Sat Mar 24 16:27:59 EST 2001

PLEASE NOTE: GRAMCORD INSTITUTE website and scholars at are being 
Due to major technical problems at the company that hosts The GRAMCORD 
Institute's domain, we are in the process of moving to a new ISP. Recent 
email to scholars at and other GRAMCORD Institute addresses MAY 
have been lost and our website has been down for several 
days. We expect computers around the world to become aware of our new host 
location by Sunday and Monday. Anyone wishing to visit our 
website in the meantime should go to and until 
scholars at is operational again, please use GRAMCORD at 
(alternate address)

Sorry for the complications. (The merger/acquisition rampage on the 
Internet is creating problems for third parties like us.) If you have 
contacted us by email without getting a reply, please email us again at 
GRAMCORD at until the move is "registered" around the world -- surely 
Monday (March 26) at the latest.

Professor Paul A. Miller
Executive Director, The GRAMCORD Institute

pMiller at [restored by March 26]
(GRAMCORD at can be cc'd during Internet breakdowns and delays)

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