perfect vs imperfect

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Thu Mar 22 13:36:48 EST 2001

> At 22-03-2001 18:26 Randall Buth <ButhFam at> wrote:
> > or my hard to get article "Hebrew Verb in Current Discussion" JOTT (SIL
> > 1992). 
> Randall,
> I tried to figure out what the abbreviation might indicate, but your article
> is surely hard to get in this way: what does JOTT (SIL 1992) mean?
Ditto.  And if it's that hard to get, how about putting it on the Web?  
I can help with that if you decide to.

Dave Washburn
"No study of probabilities inside a given frame can ever
tell us how probable it is that the frame itself can be
violated."  C. S. Lewis

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