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Raymond de Hoop rdehoop at
Thu Mar 22 08:10:58 EST 2001

> Would any of all you knowledgeable people know how one goes about acquiring
> a copy of the classical Ethiopic (Ge'ez) translation of the Bible (primarily
> HB/OT)??
> J. Oscar Boyd published the Ethiopic "Octateuch" (Genesis-Judges + Ruth) in
> 1905 and 1909-11, but Amazon is hardly likely to carry that :-)


One of the best editions --I'm afraid-- is even older than the edition of

A. Dillmann, Biblia Veteris Testamenti Aethiopica, 5 vols., Lipsiae

May I refer you for some additional information to ABD, vol. 4, esp. p.
809a. The author (R. Zuurmond) refers to two studies by Ullendorf, 1968:34
and Knibb 1988:12, who list 20th century editions. In case you have no
immediate access to ABD, please mail me off-list, and I will provide the
additional bibliographical information.


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