Sam, Chr & Josephus (Peter)

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Ian, I think you should apologise to the list, and especially to Jewish list
members, for comparing Ezra to Hitler in this (or any) way. I am sure you
did not intend to cause offence, but I hope you understand how offensive
this could be.

In another posting you wrote "Gawd, Peter. That's a wild one!..." Now I
don't know whether you believe in God, but many of us on the list do and
find such langauge offensive, as taking the Lord's name in vain. I don't
consider that writing the vowel in a different way is sufficient defence to
a charge of breaking the commandment.

When I am assured that you are arguing on a scholarly level and taking
proper care to avoid causing offence I will try to answer other aspects of
your recent postings.

Peter Kirk

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No-one in second temple times *shows* any knowledge of Ezra. Get the point?
refounder of the religion of the second temple passes totally unnoticed in
second temple.

This would be like talking about the causes of the second world war without
about hitler at all.


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