Being polite (was Re: Sam, Chr & Josephus (Peter))

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Sat Mar 17 09:29:27 EST 2001

On 3/17/01 6:56 AM, "Ian Hutchesson" <mc2499 at> wrote:

> Most estimates which don't consider the data mean little. Consider the data.
> Not your personal dispositions against the idea. I really find this
> backs-to-the-wall type *aggressive* reluctance to consider such ideas at all
> except to try to rubbish them is not reflective in any way of a scholarly
> approach to analysis of the problems presented to us.

This single quote does not fully demonstrate this, but... Ian, I find that
much of your language and manner is rude and dismissive. That is hardly
appropriate for this sort of list. I have posted this publicly since your
posts have been public as well. I do not mean to disrespect you, but to
request less invective.

> But to make your semantics happy:

Well we all realize that semantics are what this game is all about! ;-)
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