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The _Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament_ by Harris, Archer, and Waltke notes
that 'DONAI appears more than 300 times in the HB, and may represent an "intensive
plural or plural of majesty." (Vol. 1, page 13)  Some translations thus render 'DONAI
(with) YHWH  (cf. Genesis 15:2) as "O Sovereign LORD" (NIV);  "LORD All-Powerful"
(CEV);  "Sovereign Lord Jehovah" (NWT), indicating that the word means more than just
ordinarily "lord."

Solomon Landers

Tony Costa wrote:

> Dear Friends,
>   I understand that the Hebrew word 'DON means "lord, master", but it also
> appears as 'DONAI and is also used of God. At first glance, it looks like it
> is in the construct state, but I am understand that it is actually in the
> plural and means "my lords", and is so used even in contemporary Judaism in
> place of the Divine Name when reading the MT. Your comments would be
> appreciated.
>                                          Tony Costa
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