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Wed Mar 14 18:40:06 EST 2001

 > Soren wrote:
> >> Does anyone know what literature exists in Samaritan Hebrew, outside of
> > the
> >> Pentateuch?
> >>
> >
> > 1. Targum - an Aramaic version of the Pentateuch.
> The targumim are in Aramaic (as noted), not in Samaritan Hebrew.
> (Or did I miss the point of your post Brian?)

No, I tend to be ponderous and pedantic, at least the academics that I work
with call me that. :-) I imagine that I was attempting to be thorough
(though I failed there, as well).

Also, didn't early rabbis reject Sam. Pent. because it was not written in
Aramaic script but paleo-Hebrew?

Also, would 4QpaleoExodm belong in the list?

So revising the list to include only Hebrew:
1. Sam. Pent.
2. Memar Marqah has a midrash on the Hebrew Alphabet.
3. Liturgical works - Hebrew acrostics.
4. Chronicles - Ha-Tolidah

Hope this is a better understanding of the original question.

What do you consider the authoritative work on Samaritan Hebrew mss?

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